Growth with LIFE

LIFE is proud to be a solidarity organization, caring for the spiritual and material life of each staff.
Working with LIFE, you will be equipped with essential skills to be able to contribute your capacity to the development of community as well as improve yourself in different fields of your personal development plan.

Meaningful job. Working in a non-profit organization contributes to the well-being of society where you and your beloved ones live in. This helps you realize the meaning and the value of your work.

FRIENDLY WORKING ENVIRONMENT. You are warmly welcomed to be part of LIFE family. All program projects are implemented with the spirit of teamwork that everyone can contribute their ideas and do their best to achieve the common goals.

DIVERSITY AND ENERGETIC. You will have chance to involve in various programs, meeting many people from different fields of expertise and working environment. The new learning experiences are practical and highly applicable.



LIFE projects are in partnership with foreign organizations and partners. In the working process, you have opportunities to expose yourself to various styles of working and diverse cultures from many parts of the world.


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